Blueberries are called a Super Food because they are stock full of antioxidants, phytonutrients (“nutrient from a plant”), polyphenols and anthocyanins. These are big words – but most importantly – they mean that blueberries can do remarkable things for your body as well as your brain.

Blueberries are a low glycemic fruit – which means that when you eat blueberries you don’t get a quick spike in your blood sugar. Low glycemic foods help with weight control and diabetes and can actually lower glucose levels. Whether on a low carbohydrate diet or not, we all need to eat some carbs in order to live – our brains need carbs for energy. Blueberries fit in perfectly with a low carb diet because they are low glycemic. The glycemic index of a carbohydrate shows how quickly its consumption increases blood sugar levels. Values range from 1 (the slowest) to 100 (the fastest, the index of pure glucose). Fructose, (the sugar in fruits) has little effect on blood sugar.

You’ve probably noticed that blueberries are richly colored – a deep dark blue. Research studies have shown that fruits and vegetables with the darkest colors are usually the best for you. This means their skins have those super nutrients with the big names.

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